Company Profile

Company Profile

Dexterity Logistics Ltd. was established in 1984

With its headquarters in Kaohsiung, Dexterity Logistics Ltd.’s initial business item was providing assistance to food & animal feed enterprises in terms of import/export affairs of their bulk cargo. Through 50 years of strengthening client relationships, Dexterity Logistics Ltd. services have stretched across many industries, with import/export categories including yellow beans, corn, wheat, flour, agricultural products, different forms of food products, chemical products, fertilizers, construction material, precious metal, metal boards, coils, sections, tube materials, household appliances, machinery, hardware supplies, video entertainment equipment, furniture, luggage transport etc. Dexterity Logistics Ltd. is in procession of the most complete customs information and experiences. We have a office situated in Taipei’s Nanjing E. Rd commercial area, dedicated to respond to client requests, import/export cargo contracting, cabin ticket booking for boats/airplanes, export negotiation, visa & verification, Bureau of Foreign Trade and embassy affairs etc.

Dexterity Logistics Ltd. was established in 1959

One-stop Customized Service

Not only do we possess the richest of connections in our area of expertise, but we are also constantly advancing our relationships with our clients. Furthermore, we have a complete connection network across Keelung, Taipei, Taoyuan, and Taichung and provide one-stop customized services for sea & air transport. Our services include: booking cabin seats, assist in export ship loading/cargo loading, warehousing/shipment, import to harbor side/air cargo delivery, sea-land loading, import/export declaration, electronic statistics exchange transmission and delivery, cargo goods inspection and customs inspection, custom duty payment, release of withdraw, land transport affairs and appropriate arrangements with based on the needs and requirements of the cargo owners.

One-stop Customized Service

B2C Computer Operating System

We constantly observe e-commerce trends and self-developed a B2C computer operating system to continue expanding our services. System items include: customs declaration/ contracting information exchange operations, storage customs information system, client-end cargo status inquiry etc., all of which are dedicated to providing professional, efficient, well-rounded e-commerce information exchange measure and establishing Dexterity Logistics Ltd. and import/export businesses, customs information integration, and achieving optimum efficiency. Our office environment and facilities all comply with international regulations on global trade supply chain safety and convenience.


50-years of Premium Reputation

Dexterity Logistics Ltd. upholds“Professional, Detail-oriented, Considerate” service values when completing import/export custom procedures in the fastest and most simplified method possible, ensuring safe passing of customs. Cargo goods are transferred through transportation tools or delivered to designated recipients on time. Dexterity Logistics Ltd. have built an excellent reputation over the past 50 years, receiving the long-term trust and partnership from our clients. We shall be your most trusted customs advisor and helper!




Integration and production of import/export documents, relevant document application, Tax rate regulation consultation, Production & Transmission of bill of entry and agent services for inspections of National Treasury Agency, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Harbor Affairs

Agent service in monitor of land-sea cargo loading, in-out storage operations, Cargo Damage Clarification & Judgment, goods acceptance and assignment coordination.

Custom Affairs

Onsite document delivery, product acceptance, sanitary and phytosanitary inspection, cargo return, transshipment, shut-out, cargo safekeeping, custom accompany and licensing of customs.

Storage, Transport and Distribution

Integration of delivery storage for domestic affiliated companies, cargo-loading companies, truck lorries, hoisting projects and other resources; providing the most competitive and optimal delivery options.


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This proposal combines its English name with font and image design to directly present the company’s business items, using connection of the colored arrow to make exchanges on the “X” to express the concept of custom transport and import/export. “De” represents the pronunciation of the Chinese word “德”(moral), which is Dexterity Logistics Ltd.’s most important business concept and value. In terms of design, we used a simple visual communication technique, exhibiting direct content and transmitting the company’s services. Deep rational colors are implemented to represent the accuracy of the company; a visual communication of trust and commitment.