Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a local SME which provides services Dexterity Logistics Ltd., constantly examines how to carry out Corporate Social Responsibility based on existing resources. In addition to the implementation by Dexterity Logistics, the contributions of related suppliers are expected in CSR. We believe that the most benefit comes from be the investments of capital and resources in the right requirements.

Corporation Commitment and Environmental Sustainability

Corporation Commitment

Commitment to Customers

Disclosure Clause

The business documents or confidential information delivered from customers to Dexterity Logistics shall be protected with appropriate security measures against the disclosure to the third party. The disclosure shall be valid even if the contract between the both parties is terminated.

Integrity Clause

When in business partnership with clients, Dexterity Logistics subjects to the principles of integrity, legality and transparency and shall not directly or indirectly contract, bribe or pay bonus, commission, brokerage fee, rebate, donation, loan, position, service, privilege, unreasonable gift, hospitality or other improper benefits to establish the business relationship or to influence the business transactions.

CSR Clause

Dexterity Logistics and its customers shall comply with corporate social responsibility policies. Their operations shall comply with ethical, legal and public standards and the impacts on the society and the natural environment.


Commitment to our employees

Draw up the employee manual and related regulations in accordance with related labor acts.
Implement the health and safety measures in accordance with Labor Safety and Health Act to avoid occupational accidents and to ensure a safe working environment.
Provide reasonable remunerations and statutory benefits; ensure the salary policy is in compliance with the related regulations and not lower than minimum wage.
Promote labor-management cooperation by respecting employees' freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, as well as encouraging employees to communicate with their supervisors for their rights and interests and providing proper responses.
Provide group insurance for employees in addition to Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance in accordance to the related regulations.
Arrange reasonable production plans, working hours, rest and holidays for employees.
Provide employees with marriage, funeral, injury, illness welfare and subsidy.
Encourage employees to participate in discussions, team works for company responsibilities and developments.

Environmental Sustainability

The most consumables in the office are the printing papers and toner cartridges. Dexterity Logistics selects the related products in compliance with the concepts of environmental protection and sustainable development to maximum the public benefits in the company procurements.

 Printing Paper

Finland Brank – YES Silver (Multifunctional Printing Paper)
Manufacturer: UPM, one of the top 5 paper manufacturers leading the environmental protectionaround the world.
Paper pulp: FSCTM certification, the highest legal global forest sources.
Paper: Good Level assessed by Check Your Paper, the environmental protection website offered by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
Chloride bleaching agent has been proved to damage the environment. The YES Silver multifunctional papers are manufactured with ECF non-chloride bleaching agent and harmless to the environment.
Purchase resources without damage to the Earth for sustainable development.
Use a tree and then plant 3-4 trees.
Protect primary forests and tropical rainforests and prohibit ruinous exploitation.

 Toner Cartridge

Dexterity Logistics donates empty toner cartridges to Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation assisting mentally handicapped patients and their family. Syin-Lu cooperates with the Cybertek Corporation which is the only one company undertaking the legal toner cartridge recovery and recycled toner cartridge manufacture in Taiwan. Cybertek Corporation not only recover the toner cartridges from Syin-Lu with the market recovery price, but also donates 50 NTD to Syin-Lu for each recycled toner cartridge purchased by Syin-Lu from Cybertek. The simple procurement can contribute to the early medicine, day care, job training, homey community and other assistances for mentally handicapped children. Moreover, Cybertek creates the pure manual processes and most of the hired operators are married women reentering the job market. It has constructed a positive cycle.